Find Jesus and His love for you.


This website gives you the resources you need to start to learn the rosary. It starts with a video – a very simple and quick video – that will take you step-by-step through how to pray the rosary.

You can also download a how-to guide, along with the mysteries (and what they mean) as well as purchase a How to pray The Rosary Booklet.

The rosary is an amazing way to come to know Jesus and His love for you. Good luck on this amazing journey!

Fr. Matthew Cashmore

Prayers of the rosary

Prayers before, and through the rosary Use these prayers as you step through the rosary - the easy to follow drawing at the bottom of... Read More "Prayers of the rosary"

The mysteries

The mysteries are nothing more or less than a collection of scripture for us to read and reflect on as we pray the rosary.  They... Read More "The mysteries"

What is the rosary?

The rosary is the story of Jesus told through the New Testament. As we pray the rosary we are reliving and retelling the story of... Read More "What is the rosary?"

How to pray the Rosary – Video

Watch a short, simple how-to video with Fr. Matthew Cashmore - teaching you how to pray the rosary. Read More "How to pray the Rosary – Video"