The mysteries
The mysteries

The mysteries

The mysteries are nothing more or less than a collection of scripture for us to read and reflect on as we pray the rosary. 

They are designed to be said and prayed through each day. However, it is more common to pray one set of the mysteries each day. Here is a simple structure of how to do that.


Advent, Christmas and time after Epiphany – The Joyful Mysteries

Septuagesima and Lent – The Sorrowful Mysteries

Eastertide and time after Pentecost  – The Glorious Mysteries

  • Monday  The Joyful Mysteries
  • Tuesday  The Sorrowful Mysteries
  • Wednesday  The Glorious Mysteries
  • Thursday  The Luminous Mysteries
  • Friday  The Sorrowful Mysteries
  • Saturday   The Glorious Mysteries 

It is not uncommon to only pray the rosary once a week. You should try to pray it each day if you can, but one of the wonderful things about the rosary is the flexibility. It can help you find a more structured way to pray if you are struggling to find the space and time. 

The rosary can be said anywhere, with or without a set of beads. The important thing is to find the 15/20 minutes needed each day. 

If you can’t pray the rosary each day, or if you attend a rosary group once a week, you can cycle the prayers using the above structure. The really important thing is to ensure that you pray through ALL of the mysteries over time rather than just sticking with one set.  

You can read the mysteries in the handy how-to pray the rosary booklet, which you can buy here – or download a PDF version: